IAM MUSICATION aims to arm young adults with the necessary tools to explore a career in the commercial music industry, and to highlight the available paths to successfully communicate raw talent and skills with the public and other industry stakeholders.

    As new technology is introduced to the entertainment industry, the need to learn never stops. IAM MUSICATION’s objective is to facilitate schools and teachers with workshops that specialise in education; filling in gaps in new areas where teacher and school may have lagged behind.

    Based on the combined 20 years’ experience in the local and international music industry and education industry, IAM MUSICATION gives students a thorough first-hand view of the intricacies, challenges, and joys of working in this wonderful area. IAM MUSICATION sees a natural synergy between the existing curriculum explored by high school students and the skills needed to play a part in the commercial music industry. We will use this synergy to create an interesting and relevant education option for schools.


    IAM MUSICATION’s target audience is high school students or music students wishing to explore extended learning, or a career in the Australian/international music industry. They may have skills as instrumentalists, vocalists, writers, or even critiquing skills. But above all, they must have a love for music and how it affects our lives as individuals, and as a local and global community.


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  • IAM MUSICATION and IAM SCHOOL TOURS provide a way to bridge the gap between the existing school syllabus and the evolving music market.

    One of the major challenges with education in pop-cultural arts is that it is constantly changing. Unless you are within the industry, it is difficult to keep up.IAM MUSICATION’s business is to be at the forefront of that change, so that we can continually keep teachers and our mentors up to date and consistent with what they are teaching. The constantly updated syllabus is not only focused on students, but also on teachers who will therefore have the ability to direct this newfound knowledge immediately onto their students.

    To keep the sessions interesting, IAM MUSICATIONworkshops use a hands-on approach to educating. By incorporating industry specialists and emerging technology, IAM MUSICATION provides a service that all schools can utilise, therefore giving students a way to appreciate the arts in a manner that is relevant to their lives. The IAM MUSICATION full package comes with a bonus live performance and Q&A with an independent or major artist.


    When buying into our education services, you have a choice to be placed within our database of venues that are willing and able to accept our IAM SCHOOL TOURSplatform. This means that we bring artists and musicians to schools to perform. Such a platform provides our youth a space to witness live performances from local artists.

    All touring artists/musicians are specifically chosen to match school venues, and will provide a questions and answers session for the students.IAM SCHOOL TOURS will organise and run multiple tours throughout the year.

    With both our IAM MUSICATION workshops and IAM SCHOOL TOURS platforms, students can get an in depth look into the arts through an artists’ eyes, and gather a real appreciation for the work it takes to have a career in the entertainment business. We believe that the LIVE music element of IAM is of great importance to students now, and for students to come. By providing this service, students and teachers are not only entertained, but are able to use curriculum-based skills in a more tangible, interesting way.


    The IAM MUSICATION course has been formatted in a way to suit the needs of any school and/or budget. Our hope is that we can provide ALL schools with an option to participate in the IAM MUSICATION course. We have created three different years of education, similar to the BOSTES curriculum, separating HIGH SCHOOL up into 3 Stages: Stage 4 (yr 7-8), Stage 5 (yr 9-10) and Stage 6 (yr 11-12). However, individual workshops and full courses can be arranged around the needs of the students and schools upon request.

    Depending on time constraints and school policy, there is a possibility for a full day workshop (100mins + 100mins + lunch time performance + final periods), or workshops within your school’s timetable (100 minutes each).

    The IAM MUSICATION workshops are divided into two MAIN topics and a LIVE INTERACTIVE PERFORMANCE where some students may even be given the opportunity to perform in support for the guest artist. Each Stage has its own variable sub topics aligned with the objectives and outcomes set out by the Australian Board of Studies.

  • There will be a two-hour compulsory workshop and a two-hour optional workshop, where students will interact with an industry professional or mentor and present projects that they have been working on. Depending on time constraints and school policy, there is a possibility for a workshop within the existing school timetable, or to combine the learnings into a one-day seminar or two half-day seminars.

    IAM MUSICATION holiday camps and Out of School Hours workshops are also available per request, but will follow a separate syllabus.



Commercial composition and recording being a song-writer / producer
STAGE 4 Year 7, 8
Topic 1 - The layers of a modern pop song - 1 hr
Topic 2 - Collaboratying with other musicians/artists - 1 hr
STAGE 5 Year 9, 10
Topic 3 - Key components of writing a great pop song - 1 hr
Topic 4 - Using technology to create pop songs - 1 hr
STAGE 6 HSC Music 1
Topic 5 - Extensive song-writing andproduction techniques and mentoring - 2 hr (HSC topics covered)
- 1. Technology and its influence on music,
- 2. Pop music,
- 3. Australian music.
Commercial performance and recording being an artist
STAGE 4 Year 7, 8
Topic 1 - Originality and its importance in a commercial recording/performing artist - 1/2 hr
Topic 2 - Connecting with an audience as an artist - 1/2 hr
Topic 3 - Recording an artist in the studio - 1 hr
STAGE 5 Year 9, 10
Topic 4 - Originality and its importance in a commercial recording/performing artist extension - with Australian focus - 1/2 hr
Topic 5 - What is success in the music industry? - 1/2 hr
Topic 6 - Performance analysis
STAGE 6 HSC Music 1
Topic 7 - Effects of radio, film, tv, multimedia on commercial artists - 1 hr (HSC topics covered)
- 1. Technology and its influence on music,
- 2. Pop music,
- 3. Australian music,
- 4. Music for radio, film, tv and multimedia.

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