There have been a number of studies done on the effect of music on academic success. In the US, it has been shown that students who study music as part of their curriculum end up with higher grade point averages than non-music students in the same school. At Mission Viejo High School in Southern California over the 1981 school year, the overall grade point average of music students was 3.59 and for non-music students the overall grade point average it was 2.91.

    But music is changing, in all its forms, and now our youth have access to more music than ever before. Communities can’t afford to keep changing the syllabus to match our ever-changing music market, which means there is a lack of exposure to LIVE, NEW music at our schools. This is the music that our kids are listening to in their spare time, the music that helps form their characters, the music that gets them through hardship, and above all the music that keeps them from being confined to the lives society and schools impose on them.

  • IAM MUSICATION and IAM SCHOOL TOURS provide a way to bridge the gap between the existing school syllabus and the evolving music market.


    By providing a platform to showcase new live music within the school system, we are ultimately giving both artists and students a space for creation and access.

    Learning from the success of school tours in Great Britain, IAM SCHOOL TOURS provides venues and direct access to students guaranteeing an audience eager to listen, and an audience that aren’t afraid of using their social media to promote, market, and share performances that they witness.

    Although IAM SCHOOL TOURS promote all genres of music, our soul revolves around locally grown talent. We want to provide an ecosystem for current, and future music creators that keeps expanding to eventually be self sufficient and self sustainable.


    Regional press – Editorials throughout your school tour enables us to promote your act and receive an even higher profile through all areas of local press.

    Equipment – We can supply and install pat tested sound systems with qualified sound engineers to ensure top quality sound for your artists.

    Promoters – We have long running relationships with reliable tour managers and can supply high-spec vehicles to transport your acts and equipment around.

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